We undertake labor intensive & time critical analyses, such as liquidity forecasts and cash flow management.
We deliver solutions at pace. Whether our clients are companies, government organisations, investors, or financial stakeholders, and whether they are on the brink of a crisis or seeking to build resilience in their business, we work closely alongside them to deliver the financial and organisational outcomes that enable them to adapt and succeed. We transform outcomes. We can provide ongoing business processing services to replace or augment staff in various activities.



Financial Modeling

Scenario Analysis

Working Capital Management

Cash Flow Forecasting & Debt Analysis

Asset Fair Market Values & Enterprise Valuations

Operational Efficiencies

Revenue Cycle Strategy 

Financial and Operational Strategy


Real Estate optimization 

Carve Outs

Value Creation

liquidity forecasts

 improves cash flow management

negotiates loan covenant waivers and guides complex debt restructuring

Assessing business viability

Negotiating reorganization plans 

Bankruptcy reporting

 Monitoring of debtor’s operations and cash flow Negotiation

 Assessment of DIP financing

Deal negotiation

Deal proposal 

 Developing support for court motions